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Resi Auf Der Alm Teil 12

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Talk about a good time down on the farm. This country lifestyle is filled with indoor and outdoor lesbian action, threesome double penetration action with lots of oral and anal sex. These farmhands really know how to get down and dirty, the milkmaids love eating out each others sopping wet tight pussies. Now this is the kind of ploughing Im talking about! Starting with an outside one on one, the farmer slaps his girl around, squeezes her tits and spits at her. She gets down in the dirt and hay to suck his throbbing hard cock, spitting down on her own chest and rubbing it into her skin she also rubs and fingers her own hairless snatch. Sucking on his cock she uses a lot of spit to make it sloppy and grinds her teeth down the length of his shaft. He then bends over leaning on a shed she licks and rims his tight arsehole, he bends her over to finger both her love holes then fucks her hard and rough in her tight arse, she is fucked and treated like one of the farm animals, horny as anything, get down your local farm today!!

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Stock Code   CC903
Studio    Oftly Goldwin
Running Time   97 mins
Language   German

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