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Zwischen Den Arschbacken

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Zwischen den Arschbacken or translated Everything between the ass cheeks! And these saucy whores enjoy anything and everything between their ass cheeks, they can’t wait to have their tight hole stretched twice its original size. Over two hours of hot babe after another getting to her knees and sucking on throbbing hard lengths of man meat before taking not just one but two at a time, double penetration action throughout with one in the pink and one in the stink or in some of the lucky ladies enjoy a double penetration to the same hole stretching it as far as it can possibly go! Watch horny Bella Donna as she is fucked twice in the arse for the very first time! Jenna Haze with her tight, tiny arsehole has it pounded into a dark tunnel. With plenty of cock sucking, cum cocktails and hot action for al, don’t miss out on another German Anal Masterpiece!

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC4562
Studio    Magma
Running Time   139 mins
Language   German

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