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Sophia Pornochic

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Wherever Sophia goes, pleasure follows. The insatiable girl, the blindfolded girl who can’t say no, the woman in the parking garage. Sophia is in curlers entering the bedroom with her man asleep on the bed, she does a targeted massage to wake him up, not really putting a lot of effort into it until she discovers a guy has leaped over from a neighbouring balcony to watch outside her window. She stares at him endlessly as she picks up the intensity. When her man is finished and off to the shower. She invites the guy in for a quick blow Job. A woman drives her car into an underground parking area as a guy just makes it under the closing door. He surprises her as she’s getting luggage out of the trunk. He throws himself on her and she’s happy to accept.

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC3290
Studio    Marc Dorcel
Running Time   120 mins
Language   English

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DVDs Oral

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