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Family Affairs 3

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Family Affairs 3 is another one of those dvds that we have been waiting such a long time for but now its here fill your boots. Family Affairs 3 is the third in this scandalous and intriguing series from Viv Thomas. This expose shows you what goes on behind closed doors when family members expose their darker and hidden sensual side. The Lord of the Manor demands respect from his staff and if they fail to meet his expectations they must accept the consequences which sees the head of the household doling out stiff punishment in the form of butt stinging spankings. A closet lesbian thinks her secret is safe, but she is outted as she works out at the gym. A French tutor exploits his position of trust when he teaches his pupil that there is more to France than just the language. A gym instructor gets a proper workout as he pumps more than just the weights. A cheating wife is so consumed by carnal lust that she spreads her rounded rear for a first time back-door entry, then a school bully is tamed when she locks lips with the school nerd. There are scene after scene of different connected adventures that could happen, oh how we wish A dvd full of experience and knowledge as young bucks are taught how to get there own way by any means but there bodies are the main way. Family Affairs 3 is another erotic and lust filled dvd from the master that is Viv Thomas! Another masterpiece thats well worth waiting for and could well be as popular as the last two!!

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC1303
Studio    Viv Thomas
Running Time   118 mins
Language   English

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