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Rivers Of Cum

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This is a non stop collection of all the cumshots from the Bareback Cumparty series and some other ultra hot twink titles! 113 cumshoots on one DVD like you have never seen before, there’s so much cum guzzling and licking of cock that it just seems like its coming from a continuous river flow. Salt and sex cream what is there better to make you want more especially when the cocks that are exploding the cum are so hard and throbbing thrown in with massive and you have the perfect cum scenes, just let yourself go in the rapids.

Additional Information
Stock Code   GV3428
Studio    OTB
Running Time   99 mins
Language   spanish

Product Tags

Cum Shots Oral

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I really love the mixture of straight-forward sex and uniform appeal. The costumes and set ups provide great tease footage and the sex is pretty damn good as well. The last scene is one of the best beca everyone stays in character perfectly. It makes wonder if Joe and Reina were just reenacting something from their past. Katie and Loni are always awesome and they come to the table with their A-game. I love the way Loni stays in character and drains both dicks perfectly. Katie just seems to get hotter and hotter with every scene. If there is anything to criticize about this movie it would be the length and pacing of the sex scenes. The action is very good, but there just isnt enough of it. With so much time dedicated to the uniforms and the tease, we get short-changed a bit on the blowjobs and even some of the fucking. Perhaps extending the scenes a bit to let the girls go to town would be nice. When have something this good, why not milk it for all its worth....
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