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Katie & Emma In Covent Garden

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Katie is desperate and wets herself in the road. A bunch of workmen watch her and the passing traffic gets an eyeful too! A chance meeting with Emma in a bar leads to a pool game with great up-the-skirt shots. Later, and bursting to go, Emma soaks her knickers watched by a man in a van! Afterwards, as they're driven through London, a superb lesbian scene will really turn you on. Covent Garden: full of street entertainers and crowds of people. These two naughty young girls piss their panties whilst sitting at an outdoor restaurant. Hundreds of people walk past as the girls pee cascades into their knickers. Remember, NOTHING is faked.

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC1788
Studio    British Extreme
Running Time   65 mins
Language   English

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British DVDs Pissing

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