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Rebecca, An Indecent Story


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Watch as these girls get down and dirty, sucking and fucking and leaving you begging for more! It's hardcore entertainment from Black market. Big cocks that throb and ejaculate and turn this show into a spunk fest. All young hungry girls that get full enjoyment from having their holes filled with cum and sharing the tasty chunky cocks. Will you believe it these teens already know how to deal with big cocks even at their tender years but isn’t it nice to see fresh smooth young fannies just waiting to be stretched open. This is the second instalment of a special group of young hungry cock loving girls just being spoilt and then giving as much head as they can to satisfy and making sure they get the chance to earn more and more. Make sure you get this one and then look out for number 3

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC4650
Studio    Marc Dorcel
Running Time   165 mins
Language   English

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Cum Shots Facials and Cum Shots

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