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Faust-Exzess-Marathon (5Hrs)

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On the Chevalier Dante estate everything is messed up and not what you think, a well sounding name can make all the difference in a nice area but this house is full of arse fisting nymphomaniacs. This old philanderer feeds as many arseholes as possible teaching the dirty high school of extreme sex games. Even the domestic workers get in on their master’s perversions and take part time after time, the result is completely fucked staff who totally forget the actual housework out of sheer lust and addiction! Scenes are full of leather and PVC clad babes sucking cock, fisting pussy and arse holes and stretching them to their limits and having their holes pounded by the rock-hard cock provided. Hot scenes throughout over five hours of extreme perverse arse fisting goodness that you won’t want to miss out on! Grab your copy and have a fisting good time!

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC4622
Studio    DBM Films
Running Time   5 hrs
Language   German

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Anal Fisting Group

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