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The Big Guns 2

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Butch Dixon likes his men big, beefy, hairy and hung like these big guns who suck, rim and fuck through 90 minutes of hard all-male action. Big guys, big names, big cocks in five super-sized scenes.

Additional Information
Stock Code   GA232
Studio    Butch Dixon
Running Time   90 mins
Language   English

Product Tags

Anal Bareback Oral

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A murder mystery from the Studio 2000 team. Hot sex with a good story. A cop gets involved when two gay men get murdered. What he hasnt told his bosses is that hes having a gay affair but hes not happy. He soon meets new men as he investigates and he gets down to probing their buttground. Hard rugged young men who will lick the sweat off your balls before blowing you, and then directing your hard cock to their puckered arses. Well made feature film with all the fucking and sucking you could want. Rick Chase, Jon Eric and Joey Hart are among the studs....
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In the great tradition of Raging Stallion movies, Nailed & Screwed hits the mark with the hottest cast of the year. In the dusty depths of a basement workshop, Raging Stallion's finest find a few moments to bang and screw out their sexual frustrations. Testosterone drips like sweat as these blue collar buddies go to work. RJ Danvers attempts to force a stubborn screw into its hole in scene one. As David Taylor approaches in a bosses uniform, RJ refocuses on more important issues at hand. RJ works David's fat dick from head to balls, stroking the shaft and slurping on his fat head. RJ then lies back and lets David have a turn before sitting on David's fat dick - the camera catching every inch as it's swallowed by RJ's gaping hole! Luke Cassidy is a boyish looking man with a smooth white body. He meets up with Tristan Phoenix and the two get down amongst the dirt in scene two. Tristan goes down, freeing Luke's cock from his pants and working it into a vein-popping erection. Tristan works Luke's dick with his tongue and throat before Luke puts his ass up for inspection. Luke's tight hairy hole is licked and fingered before Tristan suits up and shoves his dick inside. The intense fucking builds and builds until both boys cover each other in their cum! Tristan Jaxx and Cole Streets aren't interested in work. Instead, they focus on hot little co-worker Colton Steele. Before he knows it, Colton is on the table being stripped and fed dick. When all three dicks are rock hard, the oral action switches around as each man takes a turn. Colton straddles Tristan first, filling his ass with dick. After a ride on Tristan's cock, he lifts himself onto Cole's waiting dick. Colton is the ultimate bottom and can't get enough - he jumps back and forth as his lazy tops wait with hard-ons for a turn up his ass. Junior is a stunning man, built from head to toe with muscle and tattoos. His hairy chest and huge arms bulge as he escapes work with an afternoon jerk-off. As he works his dick, RJ enters and is quickly transformed from co-worker to cocksucker. RJ takes his time swallowing dick, working Junior's balls and then his massive shaft. With RJ rock hard, Junior warms up RJ's hole with his tongue. RJ whines and whimpers like a good bottom as Junior pounds away before pushing him up against a ladder for a final round. With Junior's dick in his ass, RJ shoots and hits the floor before Junior pulls out and explodes all over RJ's ass!...
Bareback Butt Stretchers (2 Disc Set)
With over three hours of fabulous hardcore action on two discs, Bareback Butt Stretchers features a fine assortment of the most-desirable Staxus scenes ever assembled. First up, a fresh faced young cadet (Tom Malik) is getting a prostate exam from the slim doctor (Marco Filipi). Seeing how much the lad enjoys this finger, the doctor slips another one inside - and pretty soon the lad is getting fisted while he sucks off another soldier boy! These two spit-roast the lad - the doc fucking him bareback, cumming over his pert ass and then pushing his dripping cock back inside. Then the soldier fills this shaven ass with his huge meat, so the kid gets two loads up his ass! Slim, blonde Andre Shut finds the perfect employer on his travels - one with a huge cock ready and waiting for service! Cute Shut has a delicious body, tanned and completely smooth and it's not hard to see why George Plozen takes his opportunity to get some action when he discovers his new work-boy playing with his ass. Shut is rock solid at the thought of Plozen's cock pressing against his bare hole. Plozen is a rampant fucker and once his long dick slides deep into his twink worker, he's grinding it all the way inside, filling his butt full of raw hard cock. Bouncing on top, Shut soon shoots and Plozen quickly follows - covering his sweet face in spunk, as he sucks the rest from his aching cock, licking it clean. After interrupting Nik Sideropolos and Kamil Fox, Martin Kirk joins in the fun and soon finds himself riding each cock bareback! Not content with just the one cock ramming him, he's bent over and Fox pushes his inside whilst Nik's already fucking him! Seeing his hole stretch and with both cocks pushing deep inside, the spunk soon flies. Seeing Will Forbes, Jon James and Julian Jacobs together is enough to get anyone hard and when they start on each other it is so fucking horny! All the boys are smooth and the sex is so intense and once it's over the cum is dripping off everyone! Each young lad loves the feel of bare cock and get each other ready for the fuckfest that's been promised. With Will wedged in the middle he's enjoying the daisy chain, getting pleasure from both sides until all three scream into an explosive orgasm that would shake the walls. In total, Bareback Butt Stretchers contains nine scenes filled with piss, double penetration, fisting and fucking action!...
Dads Vs Boys
In the new hot Pantheon daddy/boy DVD, it's the dads versus the boys and who do you think ends up on top? Well, this time it's the dads who take charge and make the boys do their bidding. Not that these sexy boys mind because doing daddies is one of the things that they do best. Arpad Miklos is a man to behold and to be held so when sexy, punky bottom-boy Jake Austin gets his chance he doesn't let go. First, Arpad awakes in all his glorious beauty and opens his curtains to see what the day offers. What he sees makes him red, though, because it's sexy boy Jake -- fresh from a night of all night dancing -- walking down the street throwing some garbage on the sidewalk. That's all Arpad needs to get him ready to roll. Jake really doesn't have much to say about what's to come because Arpad is twice his size and uses that to full advantage when making Jake suck his beautiful uncut cock and take it nice and deep up his horny hole. Sexy daddy Ford is again making sure a boy does what's right when his other boy Jasper comes home from a tough day at college. Some hot professor daddy is making Jasper all hot and horny so Ford does what he knows he must. He gives Jasper a nice long fuck in the afternoon sun to make Jasper forget all about how horny he is so he can focus on his studies!...
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