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Red Rolls Royce 2: Tara Wentworth is a beautiful rich bitch, she is self-centred, spiteful and jealous. After returning from a social engagement where Tara has misbehaved badly her husband Charles decides to take matters in hand. Forcing her to bend over the bonnet of his red Rolls Royce he thrashes her. Invasion Of Privacy: Tara has been in desperate need of the toilet, they enter a peculiar tower-like building to find one. Melanie meanwhile, is exploring the owner’s living room and soon discovers a selection of odd implements in the drawer of an old desk. Tara has unfortunately wet her knickers and removed them before rejoining the inquisitive Melanie.

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC3246
Studio    Poco Loco
Running Time   103 mins
Language   English

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British DVDs Fetish (DVD) Old Young Public or Outdoor

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