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A Family Affair 2

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DemetriXXX is one of the UK’s best-known porn studs, so it’s perhaps not surprising that his family life involves lots of shagging. Not that Family Affair 2 features his real family, you understand, which is just as well because, according to his opening narration, this lot are "a bunch of fuck ups!" In the opening scene, entitled Like Father Like Son, Demetri’s well-preserved dad Colin calls him up to tell him he’s just got married for the umpteenth time, to a busty blonde slut called Brooklyn Blue. "There’s not a lot going on upstairs," is Demetri’s evaluation of Brooklyn, but with a body like that who cares? Dad Colin suggests that Demetri join them on a boat trip to France to meet the rest of the family, and when our boy arrives on board he discovers Brooklyn servicing Colin’s cock with a slurpy blowjob and some doggie sex. She’s an accommodating sort and soon has her gums round Demetri’s plums too. The lads rim and spit-roast the filthy blonde harlot and then glaze her face and pumped up boobs with a double helping of fresh spunk. The locations are nice and the girls are all seasoned porno sluts who are obviously well into what they’re doing. It’s a particular treat if you enjoy kinky threesomes, because you certainly get your money’s worth in that department.

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC2453
Studio    Union Films
Running Time   115 mins
Language   English

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British DVDs Oral

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