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Puller Schule

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For those of our members who like the golden syrup this is right up your street and what makes it that little bit better is these are some really experienced mature women who are sharing there gold with us. whether it is a one off pissing session or a group fuck and piss this DVD goes the whole way, there is a great scene where our golden girl gets her dirt box filled with a great throbbing cock and just as her filler is about to explode she delivers a great fountain of piss and screams the house down. some of the crowd get to repay the complement as some of the throbbing cocks give our girls a shower of their own. I think the age of the women is what makes this DVD as they all seem to have that special experience that you need to give that little bit extra and being given the freedom to entertain has really worked here. I’m sure if pissing is your thing then this DVD is going to excite !!

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Stock Code   CC2272
Running Time   90 mins
Language   Foreign

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DVDs Pissing Squirting

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