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Alley Cats

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You never know what, or who, you might find in the dark seedy alleys of the city and these masculine and adventurous Alley Cats, clad in their hottest leather gear, roam the side streets and hidden areas of the city for the thrills of anonymous meetings with other horny men on the prowl. These chance meetings in public raise the intensity level to maximum and get these hunks supercharged with testosterone. The hard core sex that follows between these strangers is gritty, thrilling and roughly passionate. In a secluded alley, tattooed, rough stud, Jessie Coulter finds ripped and harnessed Latino hunk Alexander Garret hiding in the shadows. They size each other up and Jessie pushes Alexander against the wall, but Alexander reverses the roles by quickly pinning Jessie there, groping at Jessie's dick and quickly getting it out of his pants. After unearthing Alexander's huge, uncut meat, Jessie gags on the stiff pole that demands to be throated.

Additional Information
Stock Code   GV1018
Studio    Raging Stallion Studios
Running Time   151 mins
Language   English

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DVDs Latino Mature

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