Loving Joy Power Bullet Vibrator
Loving Joy Power Bullet Vibrator


You haven’t experienced true power unless you’ve tried the Loving Joy Power Bullet. With the fury and might of a rocket ship contained in its small pocket-sized body, this bullet will rumble and tumble and buzz and fuzz to create vibrations like no other!

With a practical and stylish magnetic charging unit and a silky smooth, easy-to-clean PU-coated body, the Loving Joy Power Bullet is a bestseller in the making. Demonstrate the silent force hidden inside this sleek little vibrator to your customers - the intensity will blow their minds from the get-go. Tell them that this mini powerhouse is compatible with a variety of branded dildos and vibrators that do not have built-in motors. Pop the bullet in a glass of water and watch as it creates a tidal wave on the surface - yes, the Power Bullet is entirely waterproof.

Display the bullet with or without packaging, the clear, simple and stylish design will catch the eye and capture the imagination of your customers either way. With 20 earth-shatteringly powerful functions to play with, the Loving Joy Power Bullet is ready to propel your margins out of this world and launch your customers into the orgasmsphere.

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