Unisex Douche/Enema
Unisex Douche/Enema


A sleek, simple system perfect for both men and women, Elite's Unisex Douche is an easy, comfortable way to cleanse hard to reach areas, and a must-have for anal enthusiasts. A large supple bulb at the end controls suction within the applicator, just place the tip in your chosen fluid while compressing the bulb to fill the reservoir, and squeeze again to release it. The sleek applicator is perforated evenly around the tip, distributing uniformly once inside, it's nice and firm for precision placement. The Douche disassembles easily for thorough cleaning; the medical style bulb is made from silky, hygienic silicone. 9 1/2 inches long with 5 inches available for insertion. Phthalate free, dishwasher safe.

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