Perfect Fit Cock and Ball Blue Os
Perfect Fit Cock and Ball Blue Os


After a year of testing our design, we almost blew a gasket when we tested the final version of our combo cock + ball - a unique combination of cock ring and ball stretcher. We aren’t alone. The super stretchy yet restrictive Cock + Ball is one of our most popular items (read the reviews here). Probably because of the gentle yet firm hold has on your cock while it adds extra heft and weight to your balls. Believe us, you won’t ever need to worry about losing your hard on with this toy.

Safe with water based lubes. This product is not a contraceptive nor is it a substitute for a condom. This product is porous and not compatible with latex products. Please store separately, preferably wrapped in a soft cloth or pouch. To clean after use, wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.

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