Fairly Abused 1
Fairly Abused 1


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Fairly Abused 1 features Annette Schwarz, the most supreme goo Goddess of all. This stunning six foot whore has a major masochistic streak, great long legs and a peachy ass. The wicked words which flow from her pretty mouth, while her huge blue eyes blaze at you, make your knees weaken. Her incredible sexuality will keep you glued to the screen open-mouthed in complete amazement and utter admiration. Able to detect male hormones at 50 paces, Annette finds the smell of old urine erotic. She sniffs the concrete corners and starts to loose her mind to lust. She wakes to find herself bound and being pissed on. In an impressive point-of-view moment of realism, Annette is pissed on all over her sweet trusting face, before being thickly coated with cum! Alysha Laine is another fabulous fuck-doll. She wants and gets a serious anal gang-bang. Abused, Aurora is on her knees being dragged before a row of cocks by her hair. Both these beautiful whores have earned their place next to Annette. The Bavarian bitches just get hornier the worse you treat them. They don't just like cum, they need it, then look like the cat that got the cream when they get it. Annette's ideas for hardcore arise from her own fantasies and reflect her feelings of how porn should be. The result is an unusually intimate, extreme sex movie. Here is your chance to really get to know these bukkake style babes. Six stupendously hot scenes in all for you to enjoy but not if you are of a nervous disposition!

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC1192
Running Time   148 mins
Language   English
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