Kellogg The Cascade Kid
Kellogg The Cascade Kid


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Just 18 Kellogg is the young blonde girl everyones asked to see after Brandy grabbed her from the audience in Brandy On The Rocks. Just inches from Pedestrians and traffic a very daring and erotic under-the-table scene will tease you as you wait for Kelloggs white panties to fill with pee. Kellogg soaked a chair in a restaurent, pees in front of people near Hasting Pier plus she pees her panties on a flight of steps as two guys walk past. Standing beside a busy road Kellogg floods her panties as people walk past even step over her pee streamsuddenly the police arrive; everyone runs does John Dare finally get arrested? Find out in Kellogg The Cascade Kid

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Stock Code   CC1085
Studio    British Extreme
Language   English
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