Slaveboy Recruits
Slaveboy Recruits

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Want to know what it takes to become a slaveboy? Well, these new Slaveboy Recruits are about to find out - the hard way! A young guy wants to become a slaveboy but is not sure that he'll be able to handle the pain. As he takes the long and lonely walk up to the house, he bites the bullet and enters. Once the contract is signed he becomes the property of the house to do with as they wish - he agrees and is immediately put up for lease. Chained naked to the wall, his first prospective employer arrives to inspect the goods. Obviously wanting to try before he buys, he scrutinises the new recruit and tries his arse out for size with a finger, an inflatable dildo and a butt plug before lubing him up to take a real piece of meat. The owner of the house feels that one of the recruits needs taking in hand and dispatches one of his co-horts to dole out whatever punishment he sees fit. Dragged by a collar and chain into a room, this skinny slave gets his bare arse spanked and his arse plugged with a dry dildo. He gags as a hard cock is shoved down his throat and he is then ordered to squat fuck on his tormentor's bulging cock. His torment only ends when he is commanded to drain the spunk from his master's cock! It's defiantly a dog's life, unless of course you're a cute slaveboy who is shackled and chained in a kennel like a stray waiting for a new master. When one comes along, he'll do anything to please him. Bending over, this blonde cutie offers up his virgin arse and winces as his tight hole is thumbed - loosening him up to receive a man-sized cock. The discomfort and pain is etched on this pup's face as his prospective new owner goes ball deep into his tight back passage. But with promises of a cosy new home, all he's left with is spunk on his face! A new Slaveboy Recruit is shackled between two posts and is left to face three boy-hungry men. Taking advantage of his vulnerability, he is rimmed and fingered and meaty cocks are shoved down his throat. Untied and bent over, his is spit-roasted hard with each guy taking their turn at his young mouth and cute butt. Utterly spent, the three guys jack their juice all over him and leave him to wallow in self pity!

Additional Information
Stock Code   GV594
Studio    Daddy Darby
Running Time   120 mins
Language   English
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