Bareback Piss School
Bareback Piss School


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It's an almost pitiful sight to see - a teacher trying desperately to keep control over a class of young and horny students who have insatiable and perverted sexual appetites. Welcome to Bareback Piss School! When faced with the choice of buckling down to course work or watching two of your classmates exchange blowjobs under the desk, there is no contest - and it's little wonder the rest of the class are totally distracted by the display of filthy-minded debauchery! Having witnessed the sordid antics of some of his fellow students, all young Saul Maxwell can think about is being spit-roasted and pissed on by some of his pals - a desire that quickly becomes a reality thanks to the meaty uncut shafts of his cohorts! What are they feeding these guys at this school? Why, they can't even go to the toilets without the desire to suck each other off and have spunk blasted in their faces! The sight of new boys Noah Hobbs, Josh Raybold and Mark Proffitt slurping on aching, uncut flesh between lessons is spellbinding! What's more, the fact that they then underscore their performance by emptying their bladders - without the need of any urinals - only makes this display of debauchery all the more exciting. Teetering on the edge of despair, Madame Fox - the teacher from the opening scene - decides to escort the offenders to the headmaster's office, where (she hopes) they will be given some very stiff punishment. However, the three boys - Neil Cross, Teddy Green and Timothy Nixon - take the opportunity when left alone in the headmaster's office for a few minutes to return to the cock-hungry frolics that got them into trouble in the first place. Little wonder that the Head is so enraged when he finds spunk splattered all over his chair that he whips out his own cock and pisses over the offenders! We're not exactly sure what sort of school has gloryholes, but the Bareback Piss School has - and three dirty boys just love getting down and dirty between lessons. They think nothing of blowing and fucking the living daylights out of each other between cubicles. Super-slut Jeoshua Black is trying desperately to study, but what chance has he with the arrival of Eamon August, Neil Cross and Timothy Nixon. Each boy pulls out a juicy uncut shaft and demands that Black gives each his fullest attention. The result is everything you would wish for and more, with Black tossed around like a fuck-doll and ultimately spit-roasted and splattered with cream! It's the end of a long hard day and Eamon August and Saul Maxwell go over what they've learned in lessons. Except, of course, everything we've seen so far tells you that it's not so much books that'll be needed here as hard cocks, open mouths and hungry assholes. So it proves as the two cuties ditch their quest for human knowledge in favour of more carnal investigations. Cue a rampant fuck-fest that sees Maxwell taking every inch of August's thick raw rod up his ass before he falls to the floor and gets the entire contents of August's bladder emptied over his face. Bareback Piss School is unique - could a young man's education get any better?

Additional Information
Stock Code   GV562
Studio    Dirty Fuckers
Running Time   112 mins
Language   English
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