Daddy Darbys Slave Boy Initiations
Daddy Darbys Slave Boy Initiations


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Young impressionable British boys with fetish tendencies get to experience exquisite pain in Daddy Darby's Slave Boy Initiations. The first slave to be initiated is a cute young twink wearing nothing but a black thong. His master arrives in a leather harness and immediately starts to abuse his young charge by spitting on the slave's milky white chest, then hanging him out to dry by putting clothes pegs on his nipples, cock and ears. After receiving a hard slap on his cock the slave gets on his hands and knees and licks his master's boots like a little puppy. Taking a fist full of hair the slave boy is forced to eat the chunky cock of his tormentor, until he gets spunk shot in his mouth and face. The second boy to be initiated is tethered to the wall by chains, like a helpless lamb bound for the slaughter house! Blindfolded he chews on Daddy Darby's nipples, then is made to lick his boots and armpits. Daddy fucks his young prey's dirty little mouth with his cock. A butt plug is inserted into his virgin little arsehole, then he wanks himself off until he shoots his young seed over Daddy's boots - which he licks off. Another slave eager to be initiated has a row of clothes pegs attached to his chest, balls and foreskin, moaning with pleasure and pain. Hot candle wax is dripped on his boyish chest until he also cums over Daddy's boots and licks it off. A young lad is thrown onto the bed - his hands are tied together and he gets a brutal arse slapping from an angry Daddy. Taking the slave's nipples, Daddy squeezes and twists them with such force it makes the young twink scream out. He gets a rather nasty slap on his balls before having his arse covered in lube and a butt plug shoved up his tender virgin arsehole, which is repeatedly slapped. In the final scene two young slave boys go to work on Daddy. One chews on Daddy's nipples, while the other sucks his hard cock. The tables are slightly turned when one cute lad attaches pegs to Daddy's nipples and pulls them off. Reasserting himself as the master, Daddy uses one slave as a footstool while he receives a blowjob from the other boy. The cute blonde cums onto Daddys stomach and both slaves lick it off. The initiations are now complete and Daddy Darby has recruited more youngsters to the harsh but pleasurable world of British fetishism!

Additional Information
Stock Code   TP111
Studio    Daddy Darby
Running Time   115 mins
Language   English
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