Viewers Wives 38
Viewers Wives 38


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Everything you've ever imagined about your neighbours can be true! Tara, London SE25. Over heated blonde Tara friggs herself furiously with a plastic prick, showing off her hungry, tight pussy. She is so turned on by the thought of you watching her. Julie & Denise, Essex. Julie takes nervous Denise in hand, parting her chunky lips and tongue-tickling her clit. They give each other a thorough stuffing with a pink jelly penis delighting their already over excited cameraman. Nina and Fat Freddy, N. Yorks. Flat chested with giant nipples, Nina exudes sexy warmth. Freddy glides his blushing bone over her lips then rhythmically collides with her skinny butt. His cum zaps her in the face. Elaine, Fife. Sexy at size 14, Elaine closes her eyes and looses herself in a world of auto-eroticism. Using a powerful buzzing toy, she makes her pussy sound like a didgeridoo. Her ginger muff tingling as she really goes for it. Doreen and Neil, Stratford. Middle-aged Doreen and Neil are clearly passionate about each other. Her muff is deafeningly juicy, her big nipples stiffen and her face flushes as Neil laps enthusiastically at her cunt. Lovely sex! Gaynor and Jim, Derby. Waif-like Gaynor has a big natural bush. Jim slips her his engorged tool and pumps her soundly, cumming in her pussy. Sarah and Lee, Kent. 20 year old Sarah is happy in her sluttiness. Luckily the cameraman has a friend with an erection and a desire to do her doggy style on the carpet. She has some hypnotising hip movements! Lisa and Mike, Surrey. Lisa and Mike are in love. Look at the pure bliss in her face as she savours his dick. She's super juicy and he's super hard, the bed creaks under their mounting passion until he cascades cum on her chest. Kelly and Kalvin, Kent. Kelly and Kalvin are an attractive couple. His rigid black shaft contrasts strongly with her soft pink puss and spurts over her butt crack. Stacey and Wayne, Surrey. £250 bonus winners. Wayne has above average oral skills and a nice big, fat dick. Stacey's young face flushes as he buries his humongous pole deep in her beaver, then in her beautiful bum. He jets jizz into her face. Karen and Karl, Chelsea. £250 bonus winners. Lovely redhead Karen can wait to get Karl's black dick in her mouth. Karl has skills and sexy style. Wow! What a cum shot! Well deserved bonus winners. Includes: Maid’s outfit, hairy and trimmed pussies, dildo, lesbianism, 69-er, tiny tits, cum in face/in pussy/on chest/on bum, anal sex (one scene).

Additional Information
Stock Code   HE1044
Studio    Your Choice
Running Time   151 mins
Language   English
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