Drunken Scally Boys
Drunken Scally Boys


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A couple of cans of lager are a great aphrodisiac for the lads in Drunken Scally Boys - it seems to give them raging hard-ons rather than brewer's droop! Paul and Nico are shooting the shit in the kitchen with a few tinnies when Paul starts a little pocket wank. Nico spots this and is soon on his knees, releasing Paul's todger from his tracksuit and wrapping his lips round the hard boner. Paul returns the favour, then bends Nico over the chair to tongue fuck his crack and arsehole before easing his knob into his pal's tight rosebud. The two fuck like rabbits until Paul cums over Nico's belly, then leans down to lap his juice up and transfer it to Nico's pouting mouth. Sean and Scott are discussing cock sizes over a few beers and whip out their dicks for comparison. Sean invites Scott to suck on his hardening member and, needing no second invitation, Scott swoops down for a gobble. Sean then spreads Scott's peachy cheeks and buries his tongue inside his mate's hole - spit lubing him to take his thick prick ball deep! After a heavy bout of fucking, Sean spews his seed onto Scott's chest, whilst Scott wanks onto his own belly. Karl and Kris are enjoying an afternoon's drinking session but the two are soon quite horny - and Karl initiates a more intimate session as he releases Kris's cock for a suck. Kris gives Karl a blowback with a mouthful of lager and then tongue lashes his pal's crack. After a hard fuck, the lads shoot and swap creamy spunk. Sam and Nico are already a bit worse for wear when they relax on the bed with a can in each hand. Nico fumbles for Sam's cock and arouses his pal, so they end up 69ing - gnawing on each other's rock hard dicks. Sam heaves Nico's arse up and explores his hole with fingers and tongue and then pours his lager into his arse and laps it up. Now lubed with lager, Sam fucks Nico - hard and fast, stopping only when he has emptied his balls! Michael, Andy and Paul are a little drunk and Andy has passed out on the sofa. Paul thinks it would be funny to get his cock out, and pulls down his trackie bottoms to launch his mouth onto the hardening meat. Michael then wants a taste so he takes over. Paul then offers his cock to Michael who greedily sucks on it - in between sucking Andy. Still asleep, Andy enjoys the attention. Paul eventually drags Andy's trousers off and the two lads get naked, taking turns at Andy's cock and hole. Andy wakes and Paul immediately shoves his cock into his mouth whilst Michael eases his cock into Andy's arse. Michael and Paul tag Andy before the three of them combine for a daisy fuck. Andy then gets to his knees to lick both cocks. Paul follows suit and so does Michael. Michael and Andy then wank onto Paul's hands, filling his cupped hands with spunk which Paul eats. Paul then wanks onto the faces of his two friends and licks the cum off! And so ends a Drunken Scally Boys session!

Additional Information
Stock Code   GV244
Studio    Load G
Running Time   117 mins
Language   English
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