Brit Lads In Amsterdam
Brit Lads In Amsterdam


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Follow Brit Lads In Amsterdam as they go Dutch and share everything. Liverpudlian Josh and Cain have a giggle on the boat on the way over to Amsterdam when they find a key card. Breaking into the room, they go on the hunt for stuff to thieve. After finding an iPhone and passports, the two guys decide to defile the bed by having rampant boy-sex on it, leaving their very own sticky mark on the white sheets. The gaydar is in full working order as Purser McKenzie Cross passes Tommy Curtis in the corridor. One look tells them both what they need to know, so with a quick nod of the head, Tommy follows McKenzie to a cabin and immediately drops to his knees to suck on the dick that is offered to him. He smokes the thick shaft with gusto as McKenzie thrusts deep into his mouth. McKenzie wants some cock too, and pulls down Tommy's trackie bottoms to greedily devour his already hard cock. Not a word is spoken as these two suck each other before moving to the bed and stripping off, but who can say anything when your mouth is stuffed with cock! Tommy positions himself over McKenzie's proud dick and spikes himself with the meat. He rides him hard before they guys swap and Tommy does McKenzie from behind until they both spew their spunk. Once off the boat, Tommy, Tyler and Shaun meet up at the train station. Steve Agastina is the helpful Dutchman who tells them where they can have a good time. Back at the hotel, Steve shows Shaun that he doesn't need to leave his room for excitement and the two fall onto the bed in a sensual embrace. They kiss and explore each other's bodies as new lovers would and then flip in cock sucking duties before the naughty Dutchman gets between Shaun's peachy cheeks and stuffs his cock deep into him. The pair make love in various positions until they each spill their load onto each other. All the guys hit the town, with Steve showing them all the hot spots. The next day, they take a boat trip on the canal and, back at the hotel, Shaun's boyfriend Kyle turns up. Shaun conveniently forgets to tell him about Steve and, even though he's annoyed that Kyle has missed a night, he shows Kyle the toys he's bought. They decide to try them out, but not before the two take turns in sucking each other's cock. Shaun has bought an array of dog collars, dildos and butt plugs and great fun ensues!

Additional Information
Stock Code   GV1378
Studio    Rentboy UK Platinum
Running Time   100 mins
Language   English
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