Achtung Nass
Achtung Nass


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Starting with a stunning blonde sitting on the stairs in just a skirt and heels talking to the camera, spitting into a glass and then lifting her skirt to piss in it. A bit more spit and a bit more piss this continues until the glass is full. She smells her piss and spits in it some more, rubbing on her wet pussy, slipping a finger in and flicking it really fast before heading upstairs. Another scene sees to young babes stop and squat down on some stairs outside and take a long piss together, laughing and enjoying themselves, they even bring their own tissue to dry off their pussies for the camera. A night time scene a babe gets out the car and runs pulling her trousers down she farts and laughs at herself before squatting down to piss on the floor and flash us her boobs. The other babe needs to go and jumps out the car squatting down and pisses as far as she can, laughing she is covered in piss. The first babe gets out again, pulling her trousers down and making her pussy do fanny farts for the camera. Another scene the same girl is eating and drinking spitting it all out onto a white bowl, with the different coloured food and water and spit it looks like she has been to the toilet in the bowl. Enjoy this fetish film with piss, spit and much, much more! The Germans know just how it’s done watch it all in one place and enjoy every second!

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC2166
Studio    DBM Films
Running Time   90 mins
Language   Foreign
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