UK Chavs On Tour
UK Chavs On Tour


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The Brits have always had bad press when they go on holiday, and these scally boys don't do their reputation any favours as they go on the rampage in UK Chavs On Tour. Tyler's going on holiday with the lads, but as Kamyk's passport has run out, he can't go, so Tyler shows his bed mate exactly what he's going to be missing under the hot sun. The guys kiss passionately before Kamyk drags Tyler's sizeable cock out from his jeans. He hungrily noshes on it, wrapping his tongue around the shaft whilst his own hand is deep in his own crotch. Tyler is keen to return the favour and so jerks and swallows Kamyk's hard teen cock. The boys flip into a 69 for a mutual pull and suck session with Tyler upending his friend and tonguing his hole, spit-lubing it to take his throbbing boner. Tyler pumps Kamyk's butt deep and hard, but Kamyk wants some top action too so bounces into Tyler until both are ready to spill their boy-seed. It may be 30 celcius on their holiday, but Jason and Scouser Josh are still dressed in their chav uniform of trakkie bottoms, designer trainers and baseball caps. The lads shoot the shit outside their villa in Spain, but Jason is feeling more than just a little horny so follows Josh to the covered patio area and kisses him full on the lips. Josh is not forward in coming backward and soon has Jason's head bobbing up and down on his cock. After smoking Jason's dick, Josh roughly fingers his arse before burying his rigid meat balls deep in the waiting hole. When Jason has had his fill of Josh's cock, he discards him as only a true chav would - much to Josh's annoyance. The lads are at a Spanish bar, larking about, drinking beer and playing up to the camera as you do when you're on holiday. The next morning sees Drake and James waking up to find themselves on the sun loungers - where they've been all night no doubt. The two lads both sport morning wood and, with no words needed, they reach for each other. James is the first one to wrap his lips around Drake's dick but Drake is quick to follow-up to have a sausage for breakfast. They fall into a 69 by the pool before James bends Drake over the diving board and rims his cute hole. His tongue darts in and out of his fuck buddy's puckered arse before he eases his big cock between his butt cheeks and deep in his tight tunnel. He bangs him fast and hard until one at a time they bust their nut on each other's faces. Walking home after yet another night out on the lash, Aaron and Jason make their way to the bar at a back-street hotel. No body is around to serve them, but it's not beer they've got on their mind anyway. Aaron wants to drink down his new pal's hard cock and is soon on his knees supping up that thick cock. Jason returns the favour and pulls his own pudding as he goes down on Aaron. The lads kiss and Jason gets his tongue right up between Aaron's baby-butt cheeks to rim his crack before sliding his hungry dick deep into the blow hole. Flesh smacks against flesh as James powers into the twinky Aaron and he fucks him all over the bar until neither can take any more and dish out a sticky wad on Aaron's stomach. With their pressed jeans, white trainers and hard dicks, these Brit chavs are definitely looking forward to two weeks of sun, sea - and loads of sex!

Additional Information
Stock Code   GV1359
Studio    Rentboy UK Platinum
Running Time   97mins
Language   English
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