Ikarus Double Feature 2
Ikarus Double Feature 2


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Ikarus Double Feature 2 is a fantastic two-film Ikarus dvd that features a whole host of tanned and fit Euro boys who want to sample the three holiday S's - sun, sea and sex - lots of sex! Super Gay Paradise begins this holiday package, and sun-drenched Mykonos is the backdrop for this group of gorgeous Europeans on holiday. They are fine young specimens of multi-cultural European manhood who have been imported to create this final installment. The close-ups are in-your-face, beautifully lit and rendered in scrumptious living colour and the sex is extremely couple-oriented, very passionate and romantic, with buckets of foreplay. Director Conny Haller has done an excellent job capturing the beauty of these boys, as well as the gorgeous scenery. Son Of Mykonos boasts a youthful cast, all of whom have big dicks and smooth, hairless bodies. Filmed in Greece, it is a series of hot loops united by the luxuriant setting. In the first episode, top-billed Boris Varga trades blowjobs with Andras Csortan before plowing his ass. In the second, the brunet Bela Kis is showering outdoors when he is joined by the blond Kristian Szabo. After a bout of mutual oral sex, Kis fucks Szabo. A swimming pool four-way next, and the four essentially split into two pairs: Varga and Kis, Ferrara and Lucca with Lucca and Varga as the tops. Probably the most imaginative episode is the fourth, which takes place in a cafe where the dark-haired, Italianate Ferrara works as a waiter. Two blonde customers, Szabo and Anatol Borinski, find it impossible to keep their hands off each other, and soon Szabo sinks to his knees beneath the table to give Borinski a spirited blowjob. Ferrara soon joins the action. In the conclusion, Varga and Kis continue their lovemaking at home. It's a summer of fun with sun, sand, and gay sex!

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Stock Code   GV1315
Studio    Load G
Running Time   135 mins
Language   Foreign
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