Lost Causes
Lost Causes


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Right from the word go you get a sense that this is no ordinary spanking film. There are tell-tell signs in the opening shots and you won’t be disappointed with what is about to follow. Three of the champions of the spanking industry appear in this Edwardian costume drama, those being Pandora Blake, Adele Haze and Thomas Cameron. Not only are they the actors in this film but they helped to write the story line as well. This adds to its dimension giving it a sense of believability that is sadly lacking from other spanking films these days. Set in a ‘Mr Cameron’s educational establishment for difficult young ladies’ it is very evident from the beginning that Mr Cameron is not going to take any nonsense from these ladies who have been sent to him as their behaviour has been questionable in their previous schools. Another nice touch to this film is that Pandora and Adele are playing roles, with their names changed. This means that Pandora is Miranda and Adele is Imogen, so the interplay between them is superb, creating a nice sense of friction that can be seen when Imogen is put in charge of Pandora. Mr Cameron canes the girls with such force when Miranda arrives that tells us he means business. The marks on the girls deliciously expose bottoms leave no question as to the strength of the caning. Similar is tawsing that Imogen suffers in a flash back is one of the strongest I have seen for a while. Along with the acting, costumes and dialogue being superb, it has to be said that the photography is remarkably crisp and tight on close up shots. With a strong story and great acting which includes Mr Cameron’s knowledge of certain parts of French history where Pandora’s character was previously at a girl’s finishing school in Paris. Pandora does seem a little nervous in during the film which gives you a sense of being worried about doing the wrong thing and getting punished for it. After all this is for the girl’s benefit, plus quiet a lot of money is being shelled out for this ‘special’ education. With Adele being in charge of Pandora it does give us a lovely scene where there is some girl on girl action. Adele gives Pandora a taste of the wooden hairbrush, and it is after this session that the girls become allies, agreeing to support each other. It is wonderful to see each girl rubbing cold cream into some very sore buttocks indeed. The punishment doesn’t end there Mr Cameron gives the girls a final caning after reading out their crimes from his notebook. There are 18 strokes for Adele and 24 for Pandora, both holding each others hands and having to call out the cane stroke numbers for each other in turn. It is not vicious but given with such force that leaves us no doubt from the sobbing from Adele and the reaction from Pandora that they are being punished well. This is a very exciting film with lots of spanking action, good dialogue, also well shoot with good sound. Location was perfect and costumes spot on with proves that Roué can deliver and when they do you better be there to witness the results for you will not be disappointed.

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Stock Code   CC2036
Running Time   70 mins
Language   English
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