Piss & Sperm The Sequel
Piss & Sperm The Sequel

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The Sequel opens with Denis Reed ambling back home from an exhausting days work finding Jan Novotny waiting for him. Denis sucks on Jan's dick, kneeling in front of him as he blows his cast-iron cock. Denis feels some pressure in his bladder and, without hesitation, stands and pisses on Jan. Jan loves it so much that he also starts to piss. Both guys play in the urine puddle until Denis finally wants to fuck so he screws Jan hard and rough until Jan squirts his load against the cupboard. After such a hard session, Jan needs to take some air. He spots Josef Simak and Lucky Lutro and calls them upstairs. Telling them about his exciting piss moment with Denis, the guys decide to re-enact the same scene. The three guys get totally naked and a piss session begins. Jan pisses like an animal as the two guys spread the yellow juice onto their bodies and play in the yellow puddle. Suddenly Jan takes out a huge dildo and in one plunge he sinks it into Josef's tight chute while Josef blows Lucky's prick. Jan puts the dildo aside and sticks his hard pecker inside of Josef and bangs him fast and rough. At the same time Lucky gets a good blowjob and squirts his cum out of his bell-end. Jan and Josepf lick the juice right up before Josef and Jan spank the monkey and almost bust a nut at the same time. George Michaelo sits on the bathtub while Neal positions himself in front of him and starts to piss. He urinates on George's dick and hole getting George so excited that he has to pee too. Drenched with piss he turns around and shows his willing ass to Neal who sticks his hard prick inside his hole, banging him like a horndog until he squirts his cum. Lucky is really excited and pisses over Felix, the golden shower coming out like an arch. Felix lets Lucky sit on his hard, erect cock and fucks him hard. All this bouncing pushes on Felix's bladder and he pisses into Lucky's arsehole. Felix pulls Lucky's face towards him as sperm oozes out of his cock. Felix then pisses all over Lucky while he squirts his sperm and lets it drop into the urine puddle. George Michaelo kneels down below Martin and gets a golden shower to wash his mouth. He plays with the yellow juice and then starts to suck on Martin's cock. Hen George starts to slam his cock into Martin's hole, Martin wets his trousers. Finally, Martin wants to swallow sperm so kneels down over George's cock and sucks it completely dry. Piss & Sperm: The Sequel is youth watersports at it's very best!

Additional Information
Stock Code   GV1140
Studio    Mans Art
Running Time   145 mins
Language   German
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