Fetiches Female Fantasies
Fetiches Female Fantasies

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When are you going to fulfill your deepest sexual desires? Five Brazilian women decided there is no better time than the present! Fetiches (Female Fantasies) is a beautifully directed series of steamy fantasies: screwing in a bathtub filled with milk, being blindfolded and fucked while whipped cream is sprayed all over your body, having cold ice cream licked from your body and joining in with a couple for an erotic threesome! Explore the fantasies of these five women who are totally desperate for sex! Starting with a close up view of a fanny having a rose rubbed against it before having glasses and glasses of milk poured over it and the toned hot body joint to it. Finally we are teased no more and the camera finds a face. The face of a stunning brunette having a bath of milk, rubbing roses over herself as petals float around her. Being joint in her milk bath by a hot, hairy hunk he kisses and licks her tight arsehole and pussy, slipping fingers inside before she kneels up and sucks on his huge hard cock. Bending over in her milky heaven he bangs her pussy hard in plenty of positions before giving her some of his own milk!!

Additional Information
Stock Code   CC1639
Studio    Coolgirls
Running Time   110 mins
Language   Foreign
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